-My boys love this school, they love their teachers, classmates and chapel. I am really grateful that my kids are getting the best education they can under the careful watching eyes of teachers who really know how to handle kids. I really like that teachers are giving hugs to kids. Bible studies are great, my boys learn and live like it. I can see changes in them every day, and that’s thanks to this great school.

-You have great teachers and great staff working for Good Shepherd. Kids are well cared for, have discipline, and  Bible study. I know that my kids are safe in this school.

-My daughter’s been there since preschool. We love the staff, the environment, and the spiritual guidance for our daughter. The teachers have been amazing.

-I wanted a school where my kids could learn about God and be in an environment that is positive and caring but also teaches positive behavior in our kids. Your school offers these things and guides the kids in Godly behavior. Also, you offer daycare for my youngest so I can have both of my kids in the same place instead of two separate places. I also like and am excited about the future plans for the school.

-I love how teachers interact with kids, their way of teaching and passing their knowledge in a way that kids are excited about learning. Bible studies are great and I can see their knowledge about religion every day.

- There are so many benefits of having my kids in this school that I can’t name just one. Teachers are fantastic, staff is great and so helpful. I love that teachers are strict with kids but they do this in a way that kids understand and it does not interfere with their excitement about learning. The way the Bible study is presented and passed on to kids is just great, kids really understand that. I am so happy that my kids have such a great school. Thank you.

-She has learned a lot from all the teachers and has made some great friends. It’s a good feeling to go to work and know my child is safe there.

-My daughter has grown to love God. She has learned about the Bible and in turn it has helped our family’s faith grow. We now have a church to call home and are overjoyed at this. We are gaining lifetime friends.

-Our daughter has made great strides in her relationship with God and Christian education, and she openly talks with us and asks us about Him—I didn’t even think she knew how much she knows!